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Income from the financial activities of the Bank will continuously increase its assets in order to increase the number and value of loans in the future. If desired, the client will be able to provide their credit history on their accounts in their country in any digital form What is AIB Utility Token for the analysis of AI. When applying for a loan, about 50 digital parameters of the client will be determined in real time, digital fingerprints of the client will be generated. The loan market is growing and the project will definitely be in demand and experience growth.

Our mission is to provide financial services in such a way that only people win, not the financial structures of the modern world. It is currently important to launch products like Artificial Intelligence Bank, products that work for a person, not for a system. AI Bank is a cryptocurrency lending platform. Since lending is carried out directly, it may be possible to attract investors from any country. At the moment, we have an average of 35 years and we have extensive experience in the field of technology and banking systems. At this stage, we can not reveal our identities on website, even profiles on Facebook.

This, in turn, will lead to laying the foundation for growth and development in it as soon as possible. We are already laying the potential for growth and the possibility of scaling up a business. ContactFounded in 2016 Gavstar.com helps millions of people research financial data, historical pricing, latest news on all equities, assets and cryptocurrencies to help you in your investment and trading decisions. Machines are faster and more accurate than humans.

In the proposed model, the AI will form fraud control for each country. At the outset, AI Bank will try to legally buy as many scam databases as possible, which will not be used as instant locks, but for teaching AI by detecting applications of scammers. It does not matter in which jurisdiction the client is located. All processes are fully automated.

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We present our product Artificial Intelligence Bank as a digital bank that operates on the principles of the blockchain technology and does not set a goal of making a profit. Artificial Intelligence Bank is able to issue loans to any person that has access to the Internet. With the help of modern technology and unique artificial intelligence, our product will be able to serve the client in any country without violating its laws.

AIB Utility Token

Due to coherent algorithms, any decision in the AI Bank system is made in real time. Confirmation of personal data. Verification of the submitted documents or lack of thereof will be used here. If the client submits a forged form, the system will be able to indicate this with its own algorithms. On-chain transactions recorded in the public registry will take place in the system.

It will not give you anything. But we will always be happy to communicate with investors in chat, via email, Skype and other network channels, we will always find time to tell about our level and experience. If you are a big investor, you can even fly to visit us. In our humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with the fact that we do not publish our faces and the links to social networks profiles, this is not the main thing in the project. Every investor who joins us will receive regular reports in the course of our work on the project, both in a special mailing list and in all social networks, we will publish all the news as they become available.


It is much more important to evaluate what a person is. On the one hand, it is convenient because it allows you to keep profitability at the same level. However, taking into account the rates and regulation of money circulation by central banks, there is no certainty that the rate will not be sharply raised. Behavioral analysis takes into account human behavior when submitting an application.

” – this is the main idea of our project and with your help it will be real. This directly affects the scale of business and public access to both credit and deposit resources. In the proposed project, the lending rate and profitability depend primarily on the product ecosystem. The rate will be equal to such a value, which on the one hand will allow increasing the financial assets of the bank and on the other hand – ensuring a minimum interest on borrowed funds. We remember the ark was built by an amateur. Professionals built the Titanic.

  • On the one hand, it is convenient because it allows you to keep profitability at the same level.
  • We do not create a bank, we create a digital product that will provide better financial assistance to people on the planet.
  • All processes are fully automated.
  • The AIB Utility Token ICO will begin on TBA.
  • Confirmation of personal data.

We are open for whole world but without simple profiles on website. We have advisors for our project – we already in touch with them and you can ask them about the liquidity of our project. In the market of developed countries, it is minimal. In developing countries and economies in transition, it is high. To attract borrowed funds in MFIs for turnover, the interest rate for investors should be higher than in bank deposits.

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Accordingly, the issuance of loans to MFIs is only possible at a very high interest rate. The interest rate in the proposed project is set automatically and thus the problem of the influence of central banks is completely gone. The proposed project is fully competitive and has no competitors. “When there is a https://cryptolisting.org/ need for emergency financial assistance, a loan or a microloan can help out with the current situation. However, what if a loan or a microloan will be provided via the blockchain technology with the lowest interest rate on the planet and in the shortest possible time for anyone who has access to the Internet?

AIB Utility Token

The AIB Utility Token ICO will begin on TBA. The ICO token supply represents 70% of the total token supply, so there is a total of 599,725,000 AIBK tokens available, for 0.05 USD each. The ICO funding target is 2,000,000 USD, the funding cap is 30,000,000 USD and is expected to end on TBA or when the funding cap is reached.

At the client’s request, AI Bank will use information from the client’s social networks to increase the level of confidence in the client. Besides, this mechanism will allow confirming the authenticity of the person and the documents submitted. Traditional loans are issued in 1-2 applications for 2-3 documents. Recent studies claim that AI can already assess people better than people themselves do. Therefore, the verification of documents becomes a formality.

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In general, the combination of behavioral analysis with other factors gives an even lower risk of providing a non-repayable loan. Since the scoring system will be based on AI, its use will be identical to banking conditions. At the same time, the risk of non-return will be reduced from the risk of 10% of MFIs to the risk of 2% of our product which will work on artificial intelligence.

A bank can accept and issue money in any currency of the world and main cryptocurrencies. MISCONF Redis is configured to save RDB snapshots, but it is currently not able to persist on disk. Commands that may modify the data set are disabled, because this instance is configured to report errors during writes if RDB snapshotting fails (stop-writes-on-bgsave-error option). Please check the Redis logs for details about the RDB error.

The data that is not a banking secret will be opened for viewing but saved using cryptography. And given that the interest in the project will be huge and the rate will be minimal – this will accelerate the growth of the turnover of funds and as a result, increase the yield. The calls of physical operators. Managers of AI Bank will make calls to clients to confirm the entered data and verify the client in selected cases.

We do not create a bank, we create a digital product that will provide better financial assistance to people on the planet. Although we are not affiliated, those with poor credit should know there are a number of payday locations around the country that can help. AI Bank, like other blockchain systems, directly links supply and demand without the need for intermediaries.