Asked and answered: the results for the 2022 Developer survey are here!

At the time of writing, there aren’t any new features listed, but you can browse a list of deprecations that will come into effect with the next Python release. If you’re still on any of the earlier release versions, go get your update to fully enjoy all the new features in Python 3.10 without running into issues that have already been reported and solved. To avoid requiring users to modify their test suite, the Python 3.11 release team decided to create this extra beta release, which solves this issue.

Why Python is catching on with business analysts – InfoWorld

Why Python is catching on with business analysts.

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Before we ask questions about the survey responses, it would help to understand the respondents’ demographics, i.e., country, age, gender, education level, employment level, etc. It’s essential to explore these variables to understand how representative the survey is of the worldwide programming community. A survey of this scale generally tends to have some selection bias. Interestingly, data analysis as a primary field for Python usage is reported by nearly the same share of developers both for whom it is the main programming language (17%) and as a secondary one (16%). Nearly 84% of students and 77% of experienced professionals attest that the intensive testing and QA facilities at Big Tech companies have an allure. The 2021 HackerEarth Developer Survey aims to shed light on what the programming world looks like through a developer’s lens.

My summary for “Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022” in the compact version

More than 23,000 Python developers and enthusiasts from almost 200 countries/regions took the survey in late 2021 to reveal the current state of the language and the ecosystem around it. This was the fifth edition of this survey and it shows there is remarkable stability in what Python is used for and that it continues to encompass most areas of computing. Blog posts or videos that are related to technical solutions tend to be the most helpful resources for developers, following with knowledge from school, books, online courses, etc.

I am actually a Java Developer in Spring Boot/WebFlux, seems like I need to transform myself and try to familiar with Kotlin, and technologies that are related to my career interests. Everything is currently transformed into Hybrid workplace and Fully Remote world for developers who work in enterprises and startups. Follow us on social media for more news, content and background stories from our authors, editors and events. Your examples are all related to the DOM API, which, I’ve pointed out multiple times, is not the language. I can think of things that I would change or do differently, but not these. As I pointed out, some of the things you said indicate that you don’t, in fact, understand the language. Care to elaborate on how you believe my experience is somehow invalid?

Before dissecting these data, please note the following important information:

Let’s select a subset of columns with the relevant data for our analysis. Data preparation is the process of preparing the data by cleaning and transforming raw data prior to processing and analysis. It is an important step prior to processing and often involves reformatting data, making corrections to data, and combining data sets to enrich data. We’ll use the name survey_raw_df for the how to become a python developer data frame to indicate this is unprocessed data that we might clean, filter, and modify to prepare a data frame ready for analysis. The challenge and opportunity for them are to continue expanding and improving the ability to help all developers and to make them feel welcome in their community. There is a lot to unpack here, but here are some of the most notable trends we uncovered.

Google Cloud Platform trails AWS in all three categories, with Microsoft Azure following the duplet. Heroku takes fourth place in the most widely-used cloud platform category and fourth in the most loved and most wanted categories. On the other hand, Digital Ocean takes fourth place in the most widely used category and third in the two others. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and IBM Cloud are the other cloud platforms in these categories.

Django TinyMCE integration

The lead however isn’t ultimate and there is strong competition right behind. TypeScript & JavaScript, but also Go and Rust – modern compile concurrency focused languages, which seems like another trend. Now the other side of the coin – the outlook on which technologies are the most inspiring for and the most wanted across developers. While at Iterative we do not blindly follow hypes, we really keep an eye on the trends. Simply because all of the great technologies of tomorrow are newcomers of today.

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